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Hiring a contractor to paint the interior of your home or office should not be taken lightly.  It is imperative to get a fully detailed, written proposal with areas to be painted, types and brand of paints listed, and most important, the type and level of preparation to be performed.

Following is a list of preparation items that we perform on every job:

  • Protect areas not to be painted as needed with plastic and drop clothes.
  • Move furniture and personal items as needed to protect from painting.
  • Remove switch plate covers, vent covers, etc. that are not to be painted so as to prevent cut lines from showing.
  • Patch sheetrock as needed to repair nicks, dings, holes, etc. in the walls.  We will even try to repair seams.
  • Prime patches to provide a uniform finish.
  • Prime water stains with stain killer if needed to prevent bleeding
  • Scrape loose and peeling paint on areas that are peeling
  • Prime new or bare wood with the appropriate primer
  • Caulk trim to be painted and remove old caulking if necessary.
  • Sand walls to be painted
  • Sand trim to be painted
  • Remove wallpaper if needed or paint over wallpaper if desired
  • Daily Clean-Up

Some jobs may require more, some may require less preparation.  Vision Painting will specify all of the preparation to be performed on the estimate.  We will also provide you with the brand, type, and sheen of paint to be used.

When painting interiors, Vision Painting puts extra effort into providing you with an enjoyable experience.  We will work with you to determine a starting point and keep you informed as we progress to minimize interruption in your daily life.  Often times, your house will be cleaner after we leave than before we came.

Vision Painting is looking forward to making you proud of the interior of your home.

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