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Basement Finishing Atlanta, GA

Vision Painting also finishes basements.  We work just like a General Contractor on your behalf.  We can work for a fixed price or on a fixed fee/percentage.  Some customers want a fixed price.  This is attained by providing room by room specifications listing everything from framing, trim types, ceiling and wall finishes, fixtures, low voltage, etc.  Literally every item or work to be performed is listed room by room.  For those people who do not know what they want and want to build on the fly and make changes along the way, then a fixed percentage or flat fee for services may be the way to go.

In order to price the job correctly, about 2-3 meetings will need to take place.  The first meeting provides us an opportunity to meet one another and get an idea of what you are looking for.  After the first meeting, we will draw a before and after floor plan and provide you with basic specifications.  We will then meet again and go over the floor plan and any idea changes.  We will also go over the specifications for each room and try to get more in depth related to finishes and cabinets.

At the second meeting, all specifications will be listed, floor plan will be finalized and with exception to a couple of small changes, we should have a plan that we can price.  We will then organize the pricing based on the specifications and in some cases we may need to have a bid day at your home so that subcontractors can inspect the existing conditions.

The third meeting will be the final presentation of what will be built and the cost to perform the service.

Our philosophy is simple, to listen to the needs and wants of our customers in order to provide a finished space that represents you and/or your family‚Äôs needs, not the needs of a builder or designer.  Although we can provide design ideas, trim levels, finish types, cabinets, etc., in the end everything is up to you.

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