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Vision Painting provides all types of wood repairs. Typically they are part of our painting contracts but we also provide services separate from our painting. We can provide fixed price or time and material services. The misconception is that time and material services are more than fixed price. This is completely false. In most cases the time and material work is less than the fixed price work.

With fixed price wood repairs, each specific item must be listed with type of materials being used. Keep in mind that some repairs may not be visible from the ground and cannot be determined until all areas of the house is inspected. Under a fixed price scenario, this is an entirely separate step which costs more money. With a time and material job, the needs are inspected while we are doing our paint preparation. No extra charge for this time since we are already there. Under a fixed price scenario, if extra work is discovered, you will need to pay a new estimated price where with the time and material scenario, you only pay for the actual time and materials used for the additional work.

We understand that different people prefer different things and that is why we offer both services. The bottom line is that most of the time, time and material jobs are less than fixed price jobs. If you are nervous and do not trust your contractor under a time and material basis, then maybe you should hire another contractor.

The most common repairs needed are window sills, window trim, bottom of door frames, and occasionally soffit/fascia. What separates Vision from a lot of other companies is that we make the extra effort to provide you with rot-resistant materials. Our philosophy is to make sure that what we repair does not rot again. There are many good composite products out today such as Hardie, Azek, Marley, Miretec, etc. Although some trim will need to be replaced with conventional materials, most of the time we can use composite products.

Be assured, that if Vision Painting is performing the repairs, it will be done right at an affordable cost with the best materials available.

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